PCARDStaff meeting. In attendance: Justin Patrick Josh Stowell Claire5/31/2024$97.34
DEIRDRE CLAIRE NOBLEFEMA / PIO training meal reimbursement 4/30/2024$49.39
PCARDBreakfast items for multi department and multi jurisdiction meet4/30/2024$68.31
PCARDSnacks purchased by Justin Patrick for staff meeting4/30/2024$28.03
PCARDFood purchased by Justin Patrick during meeting with Aspen Times4/30/2024$14.63
PCARDCommon Area Snacks2/29/2024$164.72
PCARDSnacks for State of the County run through2/29/2024$45.29
PCARDState of the County Staff Appetizers2/29/2024$96.09
PCARDManager's Lunch2/29/2024$54.50
PCARDStaff lunch1/31/2024$85.25
PCARDSnack and beverage purchase for DEI Council interviews for 20241/31/2024$37.80