Memberships and Dues

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF AIRPORT EXECUTIVESUS Contract Tower Association 2023 Membership11/30/2023$3,000.00
NORTH AMERICAN REGION OF THE AIRPORTS COUNCIL INTE2024 Annual ACI Membership Dues10/31/2023$7,405.00
PCARDJosh Miller 23/24 AAAE Membership9/30/2023$275.00
COLORADO AIRPORT OPERATORS ASSOCIATION2023 Annual Membership Dues9/30/2023$750.00
AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF AIRPORT EXECUTIVESAAAE Membership 8.1.23 - 7.31.24 Mandi Nolan8/31/2023$275.00
AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF AIRPORT EXECUTIVESAAAE Membership 8.1.23 - 7.31.24 Michael Kelly8/31/2023$275.00
PCARD2023 AAAE Membership Dues ~ Jodi Doney ~ July 20236/30/2023$275.00
PCARDThe Good Traveler Carbon Offset program Jodi Doney Jumpstart Con6/30/2023$12.17
PCARD2023 Dues /AAAE Association for Airport Executives - Patricia He6/30/2023$275.00
PCARDCFMA Colorado Fire Mechanics Association Membership - Eddie Vela5/31/2023$35.00
AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF AIRPORT EXECUTIVESACT Membership Dues 3/1/23-2/29/243/31/2023$1,500.00
PCARDNREMT renewal fee. Next renewal is$25.00
PCARDAAAE annual membership fee.3/31/2023$275.00
PCARD2023 AAAE Membership - Koltin Howard-Talbott ~ March 20233/31/2023$275.00
PCARD2023 NBAA Membership - Airport ~ February 20232/28/2023$652.50
PCARDKathryn Brynestad - AAAE 2023 Membership ~ February 20232/28/2023$275.00
EAGLE COUNTY FIRE CHIEFS ASSOCIATION2023 Annual Membership Dues1/31/2023$150.00
JET-SET OFFSET2023 The Good Traveler Membership Dues1/31/2023$2,500.00
PCARDAAAE 2023 Membership Dues - Ryan Schoenicke ~ January 20231/31/2023$275.00
PCARDAAAE 2023 Membership Dues - David Reid ~ January 20231/31/2023$275.00
PCARDNWAAAE Membership1/31/2023$95.00