Sq *red Canyon Cafe

Transactions Posted Through August 31, 2022
Clerk & RecorderLisa LoweFoodElection Day Lunch6/28/2022$449.36
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellDonations/Contributions Project/Programs"2021 IECC building code training, lunch for participants"5/4/2022$323.12
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellDonations/Contributions Project/Programs"Lunch for attendees, Building Code training series"3/16/2022$323.12
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellDonations/Contributions Project/Programs"Lunch for attendees, Building Code training series"3/29/2022$320.62
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellDonations/Contributions Project/Programs"Building code education, lunch for attendees"4/13/2022$304.38
Eagle County TrailsKevin SharkeyMarketing/service studiesBike to work day6/2/2022$201.25
Animal ServicesNathan LehnertFoodStaff meeting w/ DPW6/29/2022$166.75
PlanningChristina AndrewsFood"Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Planning, Engineering lunch meeting"3/3/2022$157.58
Human Resources Jackie HuffmanRecruiting expensesRed Canyon -Director of Facilities Interviews Food5/26/2022$153.00
CommissionersJeanne McQueeneyFoodElecteds lunch meeting6/6/2022$151.50
Human Resources Jackie HuffmanRecruiting expenses"Red Canyon - Open Space Interviews "3/23/2022$148.80
CommunicationsJustin PatrickFoodComms/Open Space field trip lunch7/5/2022$148.64
Animal ServicesNathan LehnertFoodStaff Meeting Lunch3/29/2022$127.65
Animal ServicesNathan LehnertFoodStaff meeting lunch5/24/2022$125.50
Eagle County TransportationKevin SharkeyFoodFood for Admin meeting6/28/2022$125.22
DHS GeneralTannia OrtizFood"Lunch for ES Processing Day 2 ES Supervisors, 2 Leads, 5 ES Specialists"6/14/2022$117.24
Airport Patricia HerreraFoodICS Training Lunch 4.27.224/26/2022$113.40
SheriffClayton PowellFoodTeam lunch2/3/2022$112.40
Open SpacePeter SunesonFoodColorado Parks and Wildlife lunch7/1/2022$107.70
Eagle County TransportationKevin SharkeyFoodAdmin Meeting Lunch8/23/2022$102.50
EngineeringChristina AndrewsFoodNew employee welcome lunch1/4/2022$98.70
Clerk & RecorderLisa LoweFoodElection Day Lunch6/28/2022$97.46
DHS GeneralHeidi TorresFoodLunch for ISS Team Meeting5/3/2022$96.60
SheriffChase ReedFoodTeam lunch6/18/2022$93.74
DHS GeneralMariana LoeraFood"Team lunch. Purchased lunch for 2 ES supervisors (ML and TO), 1 ES lead (SJ) and 2 ES specialists (BS and EE)"8/17/2022$93.60
FinanceJill KlostermanFoodCelebration Lunch2/1/2022$91.14
DHS GeneralRita WoodsFood"Staff lunch at training with Megan "3/11/2022$91.14
CommissionersRhea SilverkornFoodCommissioner County Manager working lunch meeting7/18/2022$89.10
Eagle County TransportationKevin SharkeyFoodAdmin Lunch Meeting2/22/2022$87.81
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiFoodLunch for Shooting Sports Judges during County Fair7/22/2022$86.10
Human Resources Jackie HuffmanFood"HR - Lunch Kelly Collier, AT, RB, JH, HD,AS"3/3/2022$82.80
DHS GeneralMariana LoeraFood"Team Lunch. Provided lunch for ES team, for 6 ES specialists. "2/4/2022$81.90
Attorney Matt PetersonBusiness Trips & Meetingslunch for interview panel - assistant county attorney4/14/2022$80.50
CommissionersRhea SilverkornFoodHabitat for Humanity ECG lunch meeting1/31/2022$77.10
SheriffAaron VeldheerFoodTeam lunch2/7/2022$75.75
DHS GeneralGuadalupe OntiverosFoodLunch meeting - fraud cases3/31/2022$75.00
SheriffAaron VeldheerFoodTeam lunch4/4/2022$75.00
SheriffKyle DeVriesFoodTeam meal5/7/2022$69.97
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiFoodLunch for Clothing Construction Judges at County Fair7/19/2022$66.90
Human Resources Rhea BeacomFood"HR - Lunch Abby's 1st day AT,RB,JH, HD,AS"2/14/2022$66.90
Emergency ManagementBirch BarronFoodLunch for Mass Fatality training in Emergency Operations Center.6/6/2022$66.30
Early ChildhoodSam MarkovitzFoodLunch for meeting with Early Childhood Partners8/16/2022$65.10
Early HeadstartLeigh Carlson-HernandezEvents & Sponsorship GeneralLunch for meeting/training for EHS staff5/6/2022$62.75
DHS GeneralMariana LoeraFood"Provided lunch for 1 ES supervisor (ML), 1 ES lead (AA) and 2 ES specialists (MA, LR). Provided lunch for OT Saturday processing day. "3/5/2022$61.24
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodStaff meal4/18/2022$59.49
Innovation & TechnologyAmanda BayFoodWorking lunch for Assessor Comparibles project team4/21/2022$56.40
Emergency ManagementBirch BarronBusiness Trips & MeetingsCoffee meeting with Access & Functional Needs team - prep for conference.4/6/2022$55.54
Animal ServicesMickey McCormickFoodTeam Breakfast6/15/2022$55.20
Human Resources Aryn SchlichtingFood"HR - lunch RB, HS, AT, AS"6/22/2022$53.00
Facilities ManagementJan MillerFoodLunch for Consultants6/8/2022$52.50
DHS GeneralMariana LoeraFood"Provided lunch for 1 ES supervisor (ML), 3 ES specialists (EE, BS, MA). Provided lunch for OT Saturday processing day. "3/26/2022$52.00
EngineeringChristina AndrewsFood"Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Planning, Engineering lunch meeting"3/3/2022$50.00
Emergency ManagementMegan VileceFoodLunch - Mass Fatality Training6/7/2022$48.35
SheriffRachael MarquezFoodStaff lunch2/4/2022$47.64
Veteran ServicesKathleen LyonsBusiness Trips & MeetingsWorking lunch with Regional State VSO (3 people)7/7/2022$46.00
SheriffAaron VeldheerFoodTeam lunch2/23/2022$44.56
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellFood"Team lunch meeting with Tori Franks, Ben Hawf, John Gitchell"3/3/2022$42.50
DHS GeneralMariana LoeraFood"ES processing day. Provided lunch for processing day for 1 ES supervisor (TO), 2 ES specialists (DM and KH) and 1 ES lead (NC). "3/29/2022$41.50
AdministrationKelley CollierFoodLunch meeting with Bill Gibson6/13/2022$40.84
Human Resources Jackie HuffmanRecruiting expensesRed Canyon - Planning Manager Interview-3/9/2022$40.80
Eagle County TrailsKevin SharkeyMarketing/service studies"Lunch meeting with fundraising consultant Robin Thompson and CHFA grant program representative. "6/2/2022$40.20
Building InspectionAmanda MenaFoodAEC contract lunch meeting8/9/2022$37.57
TreasurerTeak SimontonFoodLunch for manager meeting7/12/2022$35.62
SheriffClayton PowellFoodTeam meal7/31/2022$34.68
TreasurerAnissa BergeFoodlunch with Brandi for her mid-year check in7/19/2022$33.65
AdministrationRhea SilverkornFoodDani welcome lunch!8/8/2022$31.80
AdministrationKelley CollierFoodMarcia Gilles - 1:1 lunch meeting5/27/2022$30.62
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienFoodLunch for Supervisor Security & Contingency Training5/26/2022$29.61
Building Inspection"Jillian " RagallerFoodAdmin lunch8/26/2022$29.04
Human Resources Hollis DempseyFoodLunch - Hollis/Aryn8/17/2022$27.12
Innovation & TechnologyScott LingleFoodLunch - Amanda / Scott3/3/2022$24.00
HousingKimberly B WilliamsFoodLunch meeting for two4/4/2022$22.80
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellFood"Meeting with Charlotte Lin, Town of Avon"4/25/2022$22.20
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellFood"Team meeting, Ben Hawf"4/5/2022$21.46
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellFoodcoffee with team6/6/2022$16.50
Human Resources Rhea BeacomRecruiting expensesRed Canyon - Open Space Interview - J. Huffman3/23/2022$13.50