Finance Administrative

Fiscal Year:
DescriptionBudgeted ExpensesYTD ExpensesYTD % SpentBudgeted RevenueYTD RevenueYTD % Received
Abatement adjustments   ($299,728)($24,542)8%
Admin Fee Forgiveness Expense$28,806$21,60575%   
Admin fees($2,742,406)($2,056,804)75%   
Cost allocation plan Non Project   $191,826$99,36252%
Department Insurance Premium Revenue   $390,720$390,717100%
Financial services$24,800$5,00020%   
Forest Payment - Secure Rural Schools General   $825,000$826,379100%
Grants-intergov agencies$825,000$826,379100%   
Interest current tax   $29,974$29,40798%
Motor Vehicle Licenses   $128,000$90,55671%
Other Federal grants Misc Federal grants   $580,000$1,254,498216%
Other Purchased Services$140,940$38,25027%   
Other state grants Lottery funds   $150,000$125,70384%
P.I.L.T.   $2,350,000$2,499,639106%
Pass through grant $580,000$1,254,498216%   
Property tax   $29,913,445$29,784,277100%
Sales Tax   $25,000,000$18,652,36175%
Sales Tax Marijuana    $275,000$151,68355%
Transfer out To ECHDA$700,000$700,000100%   
Transfer out To Housing Operations 1401$3,181,550$3,181,550100%   
Transfer out Transfer to Public Health Fund$1,000,000$500,00050%   
Transfers in Transfer from ECO Trails   $1,143,256  
Transfers in Transfer from General Fund   $1,000,000  
Transfers in Transfer from Workforce Rentals   $230,000$88,61039%
Transfers to towns Avon$644,056     
Transfers to towns Basalt$246,323     
Transfers to towns Eagle$240,487     
Transfers to towns Gypsum$353,141     
Transfers to towns Minturn$39,015     
Transfers to towns Red Cliff$5,285     
Transfers to towns Vail$1,244,403     
Unemployment insurance$55,000$12,74523%