Finance Administrative

Fiscal Year:
DescriptionBudgeted ExpensesYTD ExpensesYTD % SpentBudgeted RevenueYTD RevenueYTD % Received
Abatement adjustments   ($192,907)($26,363)14%
Admin Fee Forgiveness Expense$32,031$24,02375%   
Admin fees($2,798,222)($2,098,667)75%   
Cost allocation plan Non Project   $215,214$135,56963%
Department Insurance Premium Revenue   $467,543$459,88898%
Financial services$23,800$6,00025%   
Forest Payment - Secure Rural Schools General   $840,000$796,22595%
Grants-intergov agencies$840,000$796,22595%   
Interest current tax   $29,678$26,14988%
Motor Vehicle Licenses   $128,000$81,61764%
Other Federal grants Misc Federal grants   $600,000  
Other Purchased Services$151,350$94,75063%   
Other state grants Lottery funds   $156,000$97,20362%
P.I.L.T.   $2,350,000$2,676,958114%
Pass through grant $600,000     
Property tax   $29,678,065$29,596,097100%
Sales Tax   $30,358,167$16,454,88754%
Sales Tax Marijuana    $275,000$118,10043%
Transfer out Transfer to Public Health Fund$1,500,000$1,500,000100%   
Transfers in Transfer from ECO Trails   $1,335,559  
Transfers in Transfer from General Fund   $1,500,000  
Transfers in Transfer from Workforce Rentals   $234,000$107,08246%
Transfers in Transfer in from C.A.W.S. Fund   $405  
Transfers to towns Avon$758,955     
Transfers to towns Basalt$303,582     
Transfers to towns Eagle$303,582     
Transfers to towns Gypsum$425,015     
Transfers to towns Minturn$45,538     
Transfers to towns Red Cliff$6,072     
Transfers to towns Vail$1,821,490     
Unemployment insurance$55,000$15,50228%   
Workers' compensation$45,000$1,2673%