Clerk & Recorder

Fiscal Year:
DescriptionBudgeted ExpensesYTD ExpensesYTD % SpentBudgeted RevenueYTD RevenueYTD % Received
401A Retirement$153,144$74,51149%   
457 Plan Matching Expense$553$33360%   
Advertising and Legal Publications Services$10,500     
Advertising and Legal Publications Services Projects$6,000     
Books and periodicals$1,451     
Business travel-proj Programs/Projects$3,900     
Business Trips & Meetings$3,700$1544%   
Computer Licenses$250     
Custom Printed Form Services$8,737$3,46440%   
Employee Tuition and Training$17,737$1,1717%   
Fleet Charges MP Fee-light Veh/Equip$6,001$2,50142%   
Fleet Charges MP Light Fuel Services$814$30538%   
Food Projects$11,000     
Health insurance prem-Employer $535,002$356,67267%   
IT Purchases General$30,000$11,20037%   
Life/AD&D Insurance/LTD$10,680$2,87327%   
Maintenance Contracts$69,820$48,93670%   
Maintenance Contracts Projects$30,250$32,243107%   
Memberships and Dues$3,303$3,13295%   
Miscellaneous revenue   $800$33742%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Chattel mortgages   $100,000$46,42846%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Election Admin Revenues   $68,000$00%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Hire Fees   $315,000$153,16649%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Late Fees   $115,000$58,02350%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Licenses   $15,000$7,77752%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Over & Shorts/Misc   $500($29)-6%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Sales tax vendor fee   $93,000$47,00651%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Special Permits   $7,000$4,37863%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Titles   $83,000$39,90248%
Motor Vehicle Revenue Traffic Ticket   $7,500$2,84238%
Motor Vehicle Revenue VIN Inspection Revenue   $6,000$2,72345%
Office supplies $4,700$1,35229%   
Office Supplies Projects Projects$15,000     
Operating supplies$13,000$7,41457%   
Other Purchased Services$1,300$15412%   
Other purchased services-proj Projects$7,000     
Postage & PO Box Rental$55,000$17,82732%   
Postage & PO Box Rental Project$50,000     
Printed Material Services$24,000     
Printed Material Services Projects$175,000     
Recording Revenue Copies   $25,000$17,33069%
Recording Revenue County Tech Surcharge Restricted   $15,000$6,66444%
Recording Revenue Liquor licenses   $20,000$8,05140%
Recording Revenue Marriage licenses   $4,800$1,75036%
Recording Revenue Miscellaneous Revenue   $100($91)-91%
Recording Revenue Recordings   $350,000$152,11543%
Recording Revenue State Doc Fee   $250,000$141,18356%
Recording Revenue Subscriptions   $27,000$16,25060%
Repair/Installation Services - Machinery/Equipment$2,000     
Social Security taxes$131,057$61,04947%   
Software Services$200     
Specific Ownership   $1,600,000$892,94156%
Telephone services Misc$2,900$64122%   
Vehicle Repair & Maint Services Car Washes$150$4027%   
Wages-overtime Projects$38,000     
Wages-temporary Projects$177,000     
Workers' compensation$2,160$1,47968%