Fiscal Year:
DescriptionBudgeted ExpensesYTD ExpensesYTD % SpentBudgeted RevenueYTD RevenueYTD % Received
401A Retirement$667,721$314,62747%   
457 Plan Matching Expense$2,919$1,58254%   
Advertising and Legal Publications Services$500     
Bank Fees$3,000$66222%   
Business Trips & Meetings$6,400$1,76828%   
Call-in wage expense$111,000$17,64216%   
Clothing & Uniforms$115,000$13,61212%   
Computer Licenses$750     
Contracts with Towns   $1,791,287$895,64450%
Contractual Service Revenue Projects   $220,062$11,6195%
Donations and contributions   $1,000  
DUI Eagle Court   $30,000$16,25654%
Employee Appreciation $8,000$11,598145%   
Employee Tuition and Training$183,500$43,38524%   
Employment screening svcs$10,000$6,42364%   
Events & Sponsorship$25,000     
Fees Photocopy fees   $17,000$14,53485%
Fees-Sheriff Distraint, tax, serv of process   $3,000  
Fees-Sheriff Fingerprints   $2,500$301%
Fees-Sheriff Misc. Fees/Fines/Penalties   $1,000  
Fees-Sheriff Prisoner board   $12,000$1,51313%
Fees-Sheriff Service of process   $45,000$22,55850%
Fees-Sheriff VIN check   $8,500$5,50065%
Firearm supplies$25,000     
Fleet Charges MP Fee-light Veh/Equip$1,020,281$286,50828%   
Fleet Charges MP Light Fuel Services$175,890$55,22631%   
Grants-Sheriff-Search and Rescue$89,000     
Health insurance prem-Employer $1,821,537$1,214,36067%   
Intergov support serv$672,031$675,651101%   
IT Purchases General$125,000     
Janitorial supplies$23,000$4,28719%   
Life/AD&D Insurance/LTD$40,940$10,99427%   
Maintenance Contracts$201,911$29,09714%   
Medical/dental/vet svcs$746,600$556,00674%   
Memberships and Dues$35,770$10,86430%   
Miscellaneous revenue   $10,000$4,37744%
Office supplies $13,000$2,65920%   
Operating supplies$216,000$85,30439%   
Other Purchased Services$183,600$122,50167%   
Pass through grant Pass through grant Projects$40,000     
Postage & PO Box Rental$5,200$2,45647%   
Printed Material Services$14,000$2212%   
Program supplies Drug buys$10,000     
Reimbursement-Sheriff sales   $25,000$00%
Repair/Installation Services - Machinery/Equipment$5,000     
Requested New Programs$10,000$3,83238%   
Sheriff Fed grant Bullet Proof Vest Grant   $9,200  
Sheriff Fed grant SCAAP Grant   $20,000$00%
Sheriff Fed grant VOCA Fed Grant   $110,773$14,96014%
Sheriff Intergov Drug enforcement   $5,500  
Sheriff state grant   $40,000  
Sheriff state grant Misc State Grants   $80,000$38,78448%
Sheriff state grant Search and Rescue - DOLA   $10,000  
Sheriff state grant V.A.L.E. State Grant   $42,583$13,18631%
Sheriff svcs Prisoner boarding svcs$6,500     
Sheriff svcs Prisoner transport$80,000$7,67910%   
Social Security taxes$534,588$241,04245%   
Special Duty Wages (reimbursable) projects$75,000$36,89649%   
Special Vehicle Services$18,606$6,27234%   
Sympathy / condolences$1,000$455%   
Telephone services Misc$40,600$16,87042%   
Towing Services$4,500$4259%   
Traffic tkt income   $20,000$2,39312%
Transfers in Transfer from Mental Health Fund   $87,000  
Trash Services General$1,200$32727%   
Utilities-electric Misc$600$54190%   
Vehicle Enhancements$3,500     
Vehicle Repair & Maint Services$3,000$2207%   
Vehicle Repair & Maint Services Car Washes$15,000$5,10334%   
Workers' compensation$191,269$136,89472%