Fiscal Year:
DescriptionBudgeted ExpensesYTD ExpensesYTD % SpentBudgeted RevenueYTD RevenueYTD % Received
401A Retirement$216,835$83,81439%   
457 Plan Matching Expense$461$21747%   
Advertising and Legal Publications Services$500     
Airport Fees AC De-Ice Facility Use Fee   $30,000$29,10597%
Airport Fees Fingerprint/S.I.D.A. Nonrefund   $10,000$5,11051%
Airport Fees Ground transportation permits   $85,000$40,73448%
Airport Fees Landing fees Air Carrier   $1,000,000$808,91281%
Airport Fees Landing Fees V V J C   $750,000$353,86347%
Airport Fees Parking Lot Revenue   $300,000$174,32558%
Airport Fees Terminal mgt fee from ECAT   $553,164  
Airport Fees V V J C 100 LL   $5,000$1,91738%
Airport Fees V V J C Jet A Fuel   $400,000$241,21860%
Airport Fees V V J C US Customs reimb   $700,000$244,28135%
Airport Fees VVJC De-Icing Facility Use Fee   $40,000  
Airport Intergov .04/Gal & 3% sales tx st refunds   $600,000$441,17874%
Airport Leases Car rental - ECAT   $900,000$490,18354%
Airport Leases Car rental off airport   $50,000$92,365185%
Airport Leases Car rental V V J C   $160,000$101,69264%
Airport Leases Cooley Mesa Concessions   $20,000$9,84849%
Airport Leases Cooley Mesa Rent   $34,500$15,46745%
Airport Leases EC T-Hangar/Hangar land leases   $95,000$34,47436%
Airport Leases EC Tie down leases   $8,400$3,33040%
Airport Leases ECAT land lease   $274,106  
Airport Leases V V J C 3% gross   $275,000$193,00470%
Airport Leases V V J C land lease   $830,000$355,33943%
Airport Leases V V J C Tie down fees   $700,000$635,97591%
Airport purchased services Air traffic control tower$60,000$81,950137%   
Airport purchased services Customs$550,000$364,90666%   
Airport purchased services De-Icing Disposal Costs$20,000     
Building improvements Misc$375,000     
Business Trips & Meetings$2,000     
Call-in wage expense$6,443     
Casualty and Property Insurance Premiums$97,004     
Clothing & Uniforms$43,000$14,23033%   
Commercial Airline Service Development $231,250$50,32622%   
Computer Licenses$23,060$3832%   
Control Tower & Facility Charges   $17,667$17,667100%
Custom Printed Form Services$200     
ECO/R&B Maint Facility lease   $383,829  
Employee Tuition and Training$139,810$35,34125%   
Employment physicals$1,500$34423%   
Events & Sponsorship General$25,000$13,77255%   
External Sales Recycled Materials   $200  
Fuel and lubricants$75,000$29,29439%   
Health insurance prem-Employer $612,223$255,09542%   
Interdepartmental Postage$250($798)-319%   
IT Purchases General$35,000$3,3109%   
Lab/medical supplies$1,000$2,388239%   
Land improvements Misc$1,500,000$22,4991%   
Legal services$5,000     
License and Permit Expense$1,000     
Life/AD&D Insurance/LTD$13,795$3,71127%   
Machinery & equip General$266,000     
Maintenance Contracts$291,824$71,87425%   
Marketing/service studies$172,500$36,93121%   
Memberships and Dues$20,500$5,90029%   
Office supplies $15,000$4,29529%   
Operating Revenue - Locations   $500  
Operating supplies$413,100$169,05841%   
Other Purchased Services$152,560$33,62222%   
Pasture rental   $600  
Recruiting expenses$1,000     
Rental Expense - Machinery & Equipment General$6,500$68911%   
Repair/Installation Services - Buildings General$100,000$12,77013%   
Repair/Installation Services - Electric, A/C, Plumbing General$55,000$1,7873%   
Repair/Installation Services - Ground Improvements General$35,000$2,6197%   
Repair/Installation Services - Machinery/Equipment$170,000$4,3923%   
Sales Tax   $151,960$75,91350%
Small tools$8,500$1,78621%   
Social Security taxes$200,193$88,59944%   
Taxable Benefits Other$125,000$64,56152%   
Telephone services Misc$24,000$6,92729%   
Trash Services General$6,000$2,16436%   
Utilities-electric Misc$65,000$18,61229%   
Utilities-gas Misc$45,000$21,81948%   
Utilties-water Misc$20,000$3,12816%   
Workers' compensation$93,898$71,31576%