Business Trips & Meetings

PCARDRegional Meeting Supper for C. Melzer and G. Wentworth5/31/2024$27.60
PCARDRegional Meeting Lunch for C. Melzer and G. Wentworth5/31/2024$23.98
COLORADO 4-H DISTRICT 9 C/O CSU ROUTT COUNTY EXTENCSU EXT, 4-H District Retreat Registration Glenwood, APR5-7 20244/30/2024$70.00
PCARDThis was my hotel for District Retreat in Glenwood Springs.4/30/2024$288.00
PCARDFuel for county vehicle for Connie Melzer's travel to Fort Coll4/30/2024$17.57
COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITYINV#CY24-1st Qtr, CSU Extension QRT 1 2024, Travel3/31/2024$315.00
PCARDConnie took Eli Melzer Brynn Moody and Aubrey Winstead to CSU Ft3/31/2024$40.09
PCARDFt. Collins Annual 4-H Program Update meeting. $30.37 fuel3/31/2024$30.37
PCARDFuel for County Vehicle CSU Fort Collins3/31/2024$20.96
PCARDCounty Director Meeting Glenda Supper3/31/2024$21.00
PCARDCSU County Director Meeting Glenda Breakfast3/31/2024$6.23
PCARDCSU County Director Meeting Glenda Lunch3/31/2024$9.34
PCARDCounty Director Meeting Lodging Glenda3/31/2024$241.02
PCARDCounty Director Meeting Glenda Breakfast3/31/2024$6.75
PCARDCounty Director Meeting Parking at Hotel3/31/2024$20.00
PCARDBusiness Trip Personal Finance Curriclum Work2/29/2024$112.00
PCARDThis is for Connie Melzer to go to the annual CAE4-HYA Conferenc2/29/2024$412.67
PCARDBreakfast G. Wentworth2/29/2024$23.53
PCARDNative Plant Master course at Colorado National Monument near Gr1/31/2024$125.00
PCARDParking at the Colorado State Capitol for 4-H Leadership Develop1/31/2024$20.00
PCARDRenaissance - Connie Melzer lodging for 4-H Leadership Developme1/31/2024$238.00
PCARDBusiness Trip - 4-H Leadership Development Conference C. Melzer1/31/2024$14.57