Operating supplies

PCARDsponsor frames and stands for gifts for sponsorship of the F&R10/31/2023$1,394.75
PCARDtissue paper for Sponsor gifts10/31/2023$35.96
PCARDpictures for sponsorship gifts9/30/2023$26.86
PCARDwrapping paper and tissue for the sponsorship gifts9/30/2023$65.20
Manual EntryCoors-signage for stage8/31/2023$1,500.00
Manual EntrySignature Signs8/31/2023$2,500.00
Manual EntryCinch-Shirts8/31/2023$1,000.00
Manual EntryHay -Gerard Ranch8/31/2023$3,500.00
Manual EntryWestern Slope-trade-bar supplies & lounge8/31/2023$500.00
PCARDlaundrry for open class8/31/2023$252.20
PCARDcell phone cover8/31/2023$43.76
PCARDThank you gifts to sponsors-Hanna Loyd and Ed8/31/2023$250.00
PCARDall access badges for Fair and rodeo8/31/2023$371.00
EAGLE COUNTY TREASURERF&R bank fees8/14/2023$955.15
COSTCO WAREHOUSEWater for the Cowboy Lounge7/31/2023$266.52
COSTCO WAREHOUSERefund7/31/2023($75.00)
COSTCO WAREHOUSEFair and Rodeo Supplies7/31/2023$81.94
PCARDsponsor flags7/31/2023$1,245.00
PCARDplates forks cups in 4H7/31/2023$485.11
PCARDsponsor flags7/31/2023$996.00
PCARDfeed and grain and oats for rodeo stock7/31/2023$2,818.50
PCARDshaving for red barn7/31/2023$704.00
PCARDcowboy lounge tickets7/31/2023$37.90
PCARDpretty baby contest gift cards7/31/2023$209.65
PCARDribbons for mental health7/31/2023$112.10
PCARDkids craft supplies7/31/2023$33.06
PCARDLanyards and phone cases for Motorola phone cases used as scanne7/31/2023$86.88
PCARDreturn on craft items7/31/2023($92.95)
PCARDkids craft-return7/31/2023($76.07)
PCARDMotorola phones to be used for ticket scanning.7/31/2023$525.03
MILLER INTERNATIONAL INCShirts for staff and board members 20237/31/2023$765.00
MILLER INTERNATIONAL INCshirts for staff and members -20237/31/2023$268.79
GORE CREEK CONCESSIONS, LLCbar supplie and products7/31/2023$6,643.66
TRINITY FARM INCFair and Rodeo Supplies7/31/2023$264.74
MOUNTAIN BEVERAGE LLCbeer for the F&R 7/31/2023$16,723.55
WESTERN SLOPE BEVERAGEwater and sodas for cowboy lounge7/31/2023$1,966.20
BLAZING STARS, INCTshirts for Fair and rodeo7/31/2023$3,325.00
ROARING FORK VALLEY COOPStraw Bale7/31/2023$318.99
EAGLE COUNTY GOVERNMENTContestant Awards -F&R 7/5/2023$3,400.00
EAGLE COUNTY GOVERNMENTOpen Class Premiums 20236/30/2023$2,300.00
SIGNATURE SIGNS INCevent signs 6/30/2023$195.00
PCARDmental health awareness ribbions for the rodeo6/30/2023$111.81
PCARDKids craft supplies6/30/2023$33.05
PCARDKids craft supplies for Fair6/30/2023$83.71
PCARDFair and Rodeo6/30/2023$169.90
PCARDbandanas for cowboy lounge6/30/2023$59.96
PCARDFair and Rodeo6/30/2023$169.09
PCARDrodeo tickets5/31/2023$141.26
PCARDparking passes for the fair and rodeo5/31/2023$163.61
PCARDgreen supplies for the fair and rodeo5/31/2023$1,598.88
PCARDrodeo tickets5/31/2023$43.11
PCARDwrist bands for boxseating5/31/2023$196.00
PCARDsupplies for the fair tape envelopes zip ties5/31/2023$146.91
PCARDcowboy lounge cards5/31/2023$117.60
PS TROPHIES & AWARDSinv#47715/31/2023$489.65
PCARDtable covers for cowboy lounge during fair and rodeo4/30/2023$360.55
PCARDradios for fair and rodeo4/30/2023$400.00
PCARDbuckles for the rodeo contestants3/31/2023$1,793.08