PCARDF&R employess appreciation kate Amanda and Jan10/31/2023$60.39
PCARDF&R teaming lunch amanda jan kate and tanya9/30/2023$83.11
Manual EntryFiestas Caf? -trade-sponsor dinner8/31/2023$1,000.00
PCARDLunch for appreciation for Kate for the Fair and Rodeo-mid year8/31/2023$42.77
PCARDlunch for fair temps and clean up crew for fair8/31/2023$194.70
PCARDpizza for saturday night cowboy lounge7/31/2023$158.27
PCARDFair Office snacks7/31/2023$51.30
PCARDFlowers for Cowboy Lounge7/31/2023$117.06
PCARDFood for Fair & Rodeo staff during setup7/31/2023$296.85
PCARDFlowers for Cowboy Lounge7/31/2023$101.75
COSTCO WAREHOUSEDrinks and Snacks for F&R Volunteers and staff7/31/2023$209.78
COSTCO WAREHOUSESnacks for Fair & Rodeo ticket office staff and volunteers7/31/2023$37.98
MARQUEZ RESTAURANTS, INCSponsorship meal-fair and rodeo7/31/2023$9,410.50
TJW FOODS INCcounty picnic and F&R7/31/2023$3,730.50
CHRISTINE ALBERTSONreimbursements 7/31/2023$139.62
PCARDEric Kate and Tanya fair production meeting6/30/2023$62.21
PCARDtoyota sponsor lunch5/31/2023$34.37
PCARDgloves tape and ties5/31/2023$279.80
TJW FOODS INC2023 Fair & Rodeo Catering deposit4/30/2023$12,375.00
PCARDDinner while at RMFA for kate Jan tanya4/30/2023$89.67
PCARDdinner business trip in mt RMAF kate Jan Tanya4/30/2023$20.66
YETIS GRINDSponsorship meeting -vail health4/30/2023$10.97