Office supplies

COSTCO WAREHOUSEKleenex for Office4/30/2024$33.98
COSTCO WAREHOUSEOperating - Step stool and antifatigue mats for El Jebel Office4/30/2024$86.95
PCARDSharpie Fine Point Markers pk of 12 X $9.11. Manila File Folders3/31/2024$60.18
STAPLES BUSINESS ADVANTAGEEngraved sign with desk holder x 2.3/31/2024$45.98
PCARDScotch invisible tape 10 rolls x 2. Micro-gel fingertip grips pk3/31/2024$118.07
PCARDOffice supplies (pens post-it notes labels binder dividers velco3/31/2024$177.04
PCARDNote pads.3/31/2024$8.99
UNITED REPROGRAPHIC SUPPLY, LLCPlotter Paper2/29/2024$49.02
STAPLES BUSINESS ADVANTAGEEngraved sign w/desk holder x 1.2/29/2024$22.99
STAPLES BUSINESS ADVANTAGEControltek 1 compartment form holder x 1.2/29/2024$30.49
PCARDVelcro Squares for El Jebel Office2/29/2024$10.54
PCARDScotch tape 24 pk x 1. Mesh pencil cup x 3. Mesh mini sorter x 21/31/2024$186.09
PCARDPost it notes 16 pads x 1. Wite-out correction tape 4 pk x 1. St1/31/2024$79.48
PCARDLarge gel wrist rest for keyboard x 1.1/31/2024$18.99
PCARDHeavy duty staple remover x 11/31/2024$6.05
PCARDPaper Mate Inkjoy gel pens black pack of 12 x 11/31/2024$12.99
PCARDSharpie assorted colors pk of 10 x 1. Monthly desk pad calendar1/31/2024$48.39
STAPLES BUSINESS ADVANTAGEPilot Rollerball pen refill extra fine black ink 2 pk x 2. Post1/31/2024$64.64
PCARDRetractable liquid gel pens pk of 12 x 11/31/2024$25.54
PCARDSix lanyards.1/31/2024$12.89