Operating supplies

FORWARD TECH SOLUTIONS, LLCMonitor replacements3/31/2024$1,680.00
CDW GOVERNMENT LLCCordless headset for testing3/31/2024$266.00
CDW GOVERNMENT LLCAV equipment3/31/2024$743.40
CDW GOVERNMENT LLCAV equipment3/31/2024$1,881.55
FORWARD TECH SOLUTIONS, LLCUPS replacements2/29/2024$1,563.00
FORWARD TECH SOLUTIONS, LLCDesktop PC replacements2/29/2024$15,020.00
PCARDCorded analog phones2/29/2024$33.90
PCARDConference room cabling supplies2/29/2024$160.26
PCARDLabel maker type pens cables2/29/2024$60.44
PCARDSupplies for conference room cable management.2/29/2024$50.44
COSTCO WAREHOUSENew TV to replace HR's failing TV and random supplies.2/29/2024$576.93
PCARDHP repair on laptop for Gail Baker Broken USB C port2/29/2024$648.06
PCARDSFPs fibers patch cables for firewalls installation2/29/2024$1,378.24
PCARDsecurity keys for detentions Google 2fa2/29/2024$125.00
PCARDAnalog phone adapter2/29/2024$7.98
FORWARD TECH SOLUTIONS, LLCUPS replacements1/31/2024$1,796.00
FORWARD TECH SOLUTIONS, LLCChromebook for testing1/31/2024$457.00
FORWARD TECH SOLUTIONS, LLCLaptop Replacements1/31/2024$125,200.00
FORWARD TECH SOLUTIONS, LLCChromebox1/31/2024$969.00
PCARDErgo Keyboard and mouse replacement for failed device1/31/2024$202.10
PCARDErgo Keyboard and mouse replacement for failed device1/31/2024$202.10
PCARDMount for Google Meet touchscreen for OCH 2nd floor Town Park1/31/2024$19.97
PCARDKVM switch for Sheriff1/31/2024$36.99
PCARDWireless keyboard/ mouse combo for Airport ARFF & SRE kiosks1/31/2024$104.88
PCARDAAA and AA batteries1/31/2024$17.09
PCARDCell phone case for IT staff member and cable organizing equipme1/31/2024$97.96
Manual EntryCell Equip. -01/2024 - IT1/15/2024$13.80