Other Purchased Services

PCARD for client with CCR Flex Funds2/29/2024$308.00
PCARD for client with CCR Flex Funds2/29/2024$280.00
PCARD for client with CCR flex funding2/29/2024$200.00
PCARDCCR Client- Medicine Lockbox for Brenda's client. CCR Flex funds2/29/2024$44.99
PCARDCCR client government use only birth certificate2/29/2024$20.00
PCARDCCR Flex Funds- CM grocery card to assist the family in reducing2/29/2024$200.00
PCARDFor a Government Use only death certificate of a CCR client2/29/2024$20.00
BRENDA LANDEROSCCR Expense Reimbursement, Flex Funds FEB24, punch pass2/29/2024$260.00
ROARING FORK SCHOOL DISTRICT RE-1INV#1/30/2024, Rodas Tuition Basalt Preschool, March 20242/29/2024$1,120.00
SPRING CREEK GYPSUM LLLPJanuary 2024 CCR Client Rent Assitance2/13/2024$1,566.00
ARNULFO CICNEROSCCR Flex Fund Rent Assistance JAN 2024, Client GV1/31/2024$1,000.00
PCARD for client with CCR flex funding.1/31/2024$200.00
PCARD$300 City Market grocery card for the Parra household to help re1/31/2024$300.00