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Transactions Posted Through October 31, 2023
Airport Wallace OliveiraEmployee Tuition and TrainingAAAE National Airports Conference Spokane/ Cooper Strand - Registration ~ September 20238/15/2023$950.00
Airport Kathryn BrynestadEmployee Tuition and TrainingAAAE Annual Conference Denver June 2023 - Kathryn Brynestad ~ March 20233/2/2023$785.00
Airport Patricia HerreraEmployee Tuition and TrainingAAAE Conference + Exposition in Denver June 2023 Registration - Patricia Herrera ~ February 20232/27/2023$785.00
Airport Joshua MillerEmployee Tuition and Training2023 AAAE Conference Denver June ~ March 20233/14/2023$785.00
Airport Amanda NolanEmployee Tuition and TrainingAAAE Annual Conference- M. Nolan3/8/2023$785.00
Airport Koltin Howard-TalbottEmployee Tuition and TrainingEnrollment fee for AAAE conference in August5/25/2023$750.00
Airport Ryan SchoenikeEmployee Tuition and TrainingAAAE Wildlife Management Conference - September 20238/9/2023$625.00
Airport Patricia HerreraEmployee Tuition and TrainingPatricia Herrera Registration ~ AAAE Credentialing Access Conference ~ Aug 20237/11/2023$560.00
Airport Joshua MillerMemberships and DuesJosh Miller 23/24 AAAE Membership9/11/2023$275.00
Airport Jodi DoneyMemberships and Dues2023 AAAE Membership Dues ~ Jodi Doney ~ July 20236/22/2023$275.00
Airport Patricia HerreraMemberships and Dues2023 Dues /AAAE Association for Airport Executives - Patricia Herrera ~ June 20236/8/2023$275.00
Airport Amanda NolanEmployee Tuition and TrainingAAAE Airport 1016/13/2023$275.00
Airport Koltin Howard-TalbottMemberships and Dues2023 AAAE Membership - Koltin Howard-Talbott ~ March 20233/7/2023$275.00
Airport Michael FrielMemberships and DuesAAAE annual membership fee.3/27/2023$275.00