City-Market #0434

Transactions Posted Through August 31, 2022
Community Prevention InitiativeAna MendozaOther Purchased Services"3 City Market Gift cards for food assistance for 3 CCR families : Jazmin Adame, Ana Del Cid, Maria Esquivel"5/31/2022$600.00
CORE ServicesJessica BeegleDHS Family preservation program"SEA funds for ongoing case. support with placement change to kin provider "4/1/2022$541.90
Collaborative Management ProgramJessica BeegleOther Purchased Services"CMP for ongoing case (350) out of state parenting time, 250 SEA funds for client services while child support is arranged"4/20/2022$355.95
Collaborative Management ProgramJessica BeegleOther Purchased Services"CMP funds for ongoing case, weekly expense for client to attend parenting time out of State"4/13/2022$355.95
Collaborative Management ProgramJessica BeegleOther Purchased Services"CMP funds for ongoing case, weekly purchase for client to attend parenting time out of state"4/20/2022$355.95
CORE ServicesJessica BeegleDHS Family preservation programSEA funds for Ongoing client - supervised visits out of State for week 16/2/2022$355.95
CORE ServicesJessica BeegleDHS Family preservation programSEA funds for ongoing CW case - week 2 with client going out of state for sup visit5/10/2022$355.95
CORE ServicesJessica BeegleDHS Family preservation programSEA funds for ongoing CW case - week 3/4 of supervised visits out of State5/10/2022$355.95
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Staff meeting supplies "6/2/2022$326.65
CORE ServicesMelissa BarbourDHS Family preservation program"SEA Funding- Visa gift card for family for basic necessities. "6/6/2022$305.95
Child Welfare ServicesIrene FigueroaDHS Emergency Assistance "Purchase of gift cards for PA3 funds for a family for groceries "5/5/2022$300.00
Human Resources Lisa LoweOther employee benefitsCoffee6/23/2022$261.36
CORE ServicesJessica BeegleDHS Family preservation program"CMP for ongoing case (350) out of state parenting time, 250 SEA funds for client services while child support is arranged"4/20/2022$255.95
CORE ServicesJessica CallahanDHS Family preservation programClient GC for groceries8/3/2022$255.95
Child Welfare ServicesAmelia BratschieDHS Emergency Assistance "PA 3 funds-city market gift card purchased for client in assessment "3/10/2022$250.00
Community Prevention InitiativeAna MendozaOther Purchased ServicesGift Card to assist family in heating costs to purchase propane gas tanks- CCR Flex Fund1/31/2022$200.00
Child Welfare ServicesMelissa BarbourDHS Emergency Assistance Grocery gift card for family during assessment. PA 3 funding.2/6/2022$200.00
Community Prevention InitiativeAna MendozaOther Purchased Services"CCR Flex funds to assist family with heating cost to purchase propane gas tanks "3/21/2022$200.00
Community Prevention InitiativeBrenda LanderosOther Purchased Services for client with CCR flex funds.4/26/2022$200.00
SheriffGregory Van WykOperating supplies$25 Amazon cds5/19/2022$200.00
Child Welfare ServicesSkylar PhillipsDHS Emergency Assistance "PA3- One time City Market gift card purchase for family. "6/10/2022$200.00
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodFood for training & employee gift cds8/23/2022$199.19
SheriffGregory Van WykOther Purchased Services"B-day cds, cake"1/19/2022$195.11
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidOperating suppliesvisa for the pretty baby gifts and snacks for staff7/21/2022$192.70
Child Welfare ServicesRosa GamboaDHS Family preservation program"City Market Grocery Gift Card- Client Assessment "3/9/2022$150.00
Fair & RodeoKathryn TennantFoodsoda for the cowboy lounge7/29/2022$139.80
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodFLTI Graduation Food4/25/2022$124.24
AdministrationBirch BarronOffice supplies propane tanks for county grill8/11/2022$119.77
Health InsuranceTeak SimontonOther Purchased Services Wellness programSupplies for highway cleanup crew luncheon4/27/2022$116.55
SheriffAmber Mulson-BarrettOperating suppliesSoaring Eagle7/13/2022$115.95
CommunicationsJustin PatrickFoodSnacks for common area8/8/2022$114.01
Fair & RodeoJan MillerOperating suppliesFair & Rodeo Supplies7/27/2022$112.56
Sheriff"Sarah " KennedyFoodFood for jail8/16/2022$111.93
SheriffKarina ToscanoFoodFood gift cds for victim to use8/11/2022$105.95
CORE ServicesJessica CallahanDHS Family preservation program"SEA fund for child items after move to voluntary placement "5/18/2022$105.95
Early HeadstartEdna PalaciosEvents & Sponsorship General"Cards were purchase for families who participate in Policy Council night so they can buy dinner from the day, (family incentive)"3/30/2022$105.00
Early HeadstartAlejandra SandovalEvents & Sponsorship General"These were gift cards purchased for a family that attended Policy Council meetings for the dates of June 5, June 21 and May 17. "7/12/2022$105.00
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodCounty Fair Food for 4-H Project Judging Day7/25/2022$104.81
Health InsuranceAnissa BergeOther Purchased Services Wellness programSole Power - weekly drawing (2) gift cards6/23/2022$100.00
Airport Jodi DoneyEvents & Sponsorship General"End of Season BBQ Event Supplies "4/1/2022$97.68
Facilities ManagementJan MillerOther building materials MiscSupplies for Stakeholder Meeting6/7/2022$93.36
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienFood"Food, snacks, drinks for Vote Centers - Election Day"6/22/2022$92.76
Facilities ManagementAmanda NolanFoodStaff Appreciation BBQ6/14/2022$86.90
Collaborative Management ProgramJessica BeegleOther Purchased ServicesCMP approved purchase to provide funding for rewards/consequences for open case3/2/2022$85.95
CommunicationsJustin PatrickFoodSnacks for common area4/18/2022$83.97
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodJail sodas & special drinks2/11/2022$83.92
CommunicationsJustin PatrickFoodLounge snacks3/14/2022$83.89
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiFoodIce-cream for root beer float party during County Fair.7/29/2022$83.88
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodFood items for Control Rm5/4/2022$83.00
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodCounty Fair Judging Day for Open Class Exhibits7/26/2022$81.97
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienFoodFood for Election Judges - 2022 Primary Election Day6/25/2022$77.37
SheriffDeena EzzellFoodTeam snacks5/3/2022$76.72
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodInmate dietary food requirements1/24/2022$76.19
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodKitchen supplies6/11/2022$73.35
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodCoffee + for Jail7/18/2022$73.30
Facilities ManagementJan MillerFoodTeam Building Food3/2/2022$72.72
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodKitchen food & cooking supplies1/22/2022$71.10
DHS GeneralRita WoodsFood"Items for DHS All Staff meeting "6/9/2022$67.84
SheriffRachael MarquezFoodOfc donuts for Donut Day6/3/2022$64.68
Clerk & RecorderAndrew RaifordFood"Burgers (condiments, etc) to celebrate Liliana Reyes 5 year anniversary with county. No receipt."8/25/2022$63.30
DHS GeneralMariana LoeraFood"Purchased coffee for entire economic services team for team meeting. "6/9/2022$60.00
Early HeadstartEdna PalaciosEvents & Sponsorship General2 Cards were purchase to cover dinner for the night of those families who participated in our Policy council 1/18/20222/3/2022$60.00
Early HeadstartIrene FigueroaProgram suppliesPurchased cans of formula for a family who attends Family Learning Center enrolled in our program as they could not make purchase.8/10/2022$59.97
SheriffCarmen HatfieldFoodTraining snacks6/8/2022$58.81
Project ManagementKristin DegenhardtBuilding improvements ProjectsMSC D Thank You Doughnuts5/17/2022$58.44
Open SpacePeter SunesonFoodRefreshments for Open Space Advisory Council and team building5/9/2022$56.31
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Staff appreciation "3/25/2022$55.95
SheriffJaslen Cano-RojoFoodInmate reward foods5/14/2022$54.58
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodInmate food2/10/2022$54.03
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodDetentions kitchen supplies5/26/2022$53.94
SheriffDeena EzzellFoodSnacks for V.S. volunteers6/7/2022$53.87
Child Welfare ServicesHeidi TorresFood Misc. Non-employee FoodCoffee for Child Abuse Awareness Month4/13/2022$53.85
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellFood"Library EV Charging, food and drinks for ribbon cutting event"5/23/2022$53.39
Health InsuranceBrandi ResaOther Purchased Services"Week of August 8 winner for solepower, Kelly Miller"8/22/2022$50.00
Health InsuranceBrandi ResaOther Purchased Services Wellness program"Week of August 8 winner for solepower, Kelly Miller"8/22/2022$50.00
Health InsuranceAnissa BergeOther Purchased Services Wellness programSole Power weekly drawing gift card7/7/2022$50.00
Health InsuranceAnissa BergeOther Purchased Services Wellness programSole Power weekly gift card7/27/2022$50.00
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodJail kitchen items3/25/2022$48.59
Sheriff"Justin " SmithFoodNo Receipt - food items for Jail3/19/2022$48.52
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodFood for Jail6/17/2022$48.44
CommunicationsJustin PatrickOperating suppliesSnacks for comms lounge1/18/2022$47.26
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodFLTI Food3/28/2022$45.72
SheriffDeena EzzellFoodVolunteer food3/22/2022$44.95
Human Resources Jackie HuffmanRecruiting expensesCity Market - Open Space Interviews3/22/2022$43.62
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodJail sodas7/4/2022$42.96
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodOil for kitchen7/25/2022$41.76
Facilities ManagementKathryn TennantFoodFM staff meeting4/21/2022$41.47
DHS GeneralTannia OrtizDHS Emergency Assistance Emergency Assistance for ES client Propane Refill 1110.500.6650.164/8/2022$39.98
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodMilk for Jail8/16/2022$39.90
CORE ServicesJessica BeegleDHS Family preservation program"reimbursement for vital document purchase for ongoing case SEA "3/10/2022$38.95
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodCoffee drinks8/2/2022$38.61
Facilities ManagementJan MillerFoodBreakfast Meeting5/2/2022$38.45
SheriffJessie PorterOther Purchased ServicesB-day flwrs1/14/2022$38.10
SheriffAaron VeldheerFoodLost receipt - b-day cake +3/17/2022$38.06
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodFood for Detentions8/2/2022$37.98
CommissionersMatt ScherrOffice supplies pancake bfast supplies6/23/2022$37.95
Early HeadstartEdna PalaciosEvents & Sponsorship GeneralMay/17/2022 Group social activity (month of the young child)5/17/2022$37.30
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodInmates' milk4/26/2022$36.99
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodSheet cake for team8/2/2022$36.56
Early HeadstartEdna PalaciosEvents & Sponsorship GeneralFruit and food for El Jebel and ERV group social 4/26/20224/26/2022$35.86
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodKitchen oil4/8/2022$35.70
IV-D Child Support ServicesGuadalupe OntiverosOther Purchased ServicesWelcome gift for new CSS Specialist7/19/2022$34.99
SheriffGregory Van WykMedical/dental/vet svcsMedical supplies for jail1/4/2022$34.81
SheriffAdrian LoeraFoodMilk for jail7/9/2022$33.36
Open SpacePeter SunesonFoodOpen Space Advisory Committee Dinner8/8/2022$33.33
SheriffDeena EzzellFoodCookies to make for Police Week5/16/2022$33.10
SheriffEric WiitalaFoodMilk for jail8/21/2022$32.87
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidFoodappreciation snacks for staff7/12/2022$32.67
SheriffTodd SauerFoodTeam meal6/6/2022$32.67
CommissionersRhea SilverkornFoodCoffee for Mayors Roundtable meeting6/16/2022$32.67
Early HeadstartIrene FigueroaEvents & Sponsorship General"Purchase of food/beverage items and needs for our group social event. We had three families and 11 children signed up. "6/28/2022$32.04
SheriffClayton PowellFoodInmate food items2/25/2022$31.94
Early HeadstartEdna PalaciosEvents & Sponsorship General"Food for 7/13/2022 Group Social for EHS families "7/13/2022$31.71
DHS GeneralTracey BranchFoodFood from City Market for Team Meeting6/15/2022$31.64
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodInmates insure & lettuce2/21/2022$31.21
SheriffDeena EzzellFoodTrainees snack food1/25/2022$30.97
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodFLTI Session 19 Food4/11/2022$30.23
Sheriff"Justin " SmithFood"Food items for Jail "3/5/2022$29.73
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodJail's food6/27/2022$29.73
Planning"Jillian " RagallerFoodSnacks for Planning Commission Meet and Greet2/3/2022$29.35
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFood"FLTI Food "1/31/2022$29.20
Clerk & RecorderLisa LoweFoodEmployee Birthday Recognition3/1/2022$29.19
Sheriff"Sarah " KennedyFoodFood items - jail7/6/2022$28.66
Early HeadstartIrene FigueroaProgram supplies"Purchase of diapers for our contracted center family learning center for a family/child in our program. "7/19/2022$28.49
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Kitchen supplies "4/23/2022$28.38
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodJail's Kitchen Supplies3/2/2022$28.18
SheriffReyna MedranoFoodVolunteer Mtg food3/7/2022$27.48
AssessorMary KesslerFoodStaff meeting refreshments4/25/2022$26.36
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodCelebration cake5/5/2022$26.32
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodMasabi Training6/28/2022$25.26
Early HeadstartEdna PalaciosOffice supplies "Welcome items for new Home visitor "4/26/2022$25.07
SheriffClayton PowellOperating suppliesJail's med supplies7/31/2022$25.06
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies Kitchen supplies2/26/2022$24.52
Sheriff"Sarah " KennedyOperating suppliesGreeting cards5/12/2022$23.91
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodDetentions food items2/6/2022$22.56
Animal ServicesRhiannon RoweFoodSnacks for staff care package8/2/2022$22.05
Innovation & TechnologyAmanda BayOperating suppliesSupplies for Fair & Rodeo ticket office7/28/2022$21.70
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodCelebration cake5/3/2022$20.89
Human Resources Jackie HuffmanRecruiting expensesCity Market Director of Facilities Interviews Food5/25/2022$20.55
Clerk & RecorderLisa LoweFoodCoffee5/20/2022$20.00
SheriffReyna MedranoFoodSnack items5/16/2022$19.75
Open SpacePeter SunesonFoodEagle Valley Land Trust Meeting6/29/2022$19.57
CommissionersRhea SilverkornFoodMayors Roundtable - coffee2/24/2022$19.55
CommissionersRhea SilverkornFoodMayors Roundtable breakfast meeting - coffee8/18/2022$19.55
Eagle County TransportationDavid FolkvordFoodWater & Gatorade for drivers6/11/2022$19.27
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodSugar free items for Inmates5/12/2022$19.12
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodFood for Jail6/22/2022$18.78
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodFood and treats for summer seasonal gardener and summer intern.8/15/2022$18.48
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFood4-H Public Fashion Revue Beverages and condiments7/18/2022$18.46
Facilities ManagementTanya DahlseidFoodstaff appreciation3/8/2022$18.25
Facilities ManagementBill BakerFood"Staff Appreciation "7/15/2022$17.98
SheriffReyna MedranoOperating suppliesCleaning items5/12/2022$17.97
Emergency ManagementBirch BarronFoodFood for grill lunch with team and partners.8/10/2022$17.90
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodKitchen supplies6/12/2022$17.87
SheriffTodd SauerFoodTeam meal6/6/2022$17.65
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienOffice supplies Flowers for Recount Canvass Board as thank you for service.8/2/2022$17.42
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodJail food items7/21/2022$17.27
Human Resources Amanda NolanOther employee benefitsPancake Breakfast Items6/23/2022$17.09
Airport "Evan " SoderstromOperating suppliesKitchen utensils or ARFF1/30/2022$17.07
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodJail food5/30/2022$17.02
Facilities ManagementJan MillerFoodStaff Meeting4/11/2022$16.77
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodFood for Jail6/19/2022$16.53
Facilities ManagementAmanda NolanOther building materials MiscStock6/8/2022$16.30
Fair & RodeoJan MillerOperating suppliesFair & Rodeo Supplies7/26/2022$15.96
SheriffClayton PowellFoodDetentions food3/7/2022$15.76
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienFoodCake for Eagle office celebration1/5/2022$15.66
AssessorMark D ChapinFoodOffice refreshments8/11/2022$15.64
Facilities ManagementTanya DahlseidFoodfm staff meeting2/23/2022$15.22
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodCoffee + for Jail3/6/2022$14.92
Sheriff"Justin " SmithFoodTeam Meal3/24/2022$14.14
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienFoodFood for office meeting1/18/2022$13.49
Fair & RodeoKathryn TennantFoodstaff appreciation for the fairgrounds3/18/2022$13.03
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodDetentions food6/23/2022$12.80
Clerk & RecorderLisa LoweFoodEmployee Birthday Recognition4/28/2022$12.52
Emergency ManagementBirch BarronFoodFood for grill lunch with team and partners.8/11/2022$12.51
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodFood for Jail6/24/2022$12.14
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodSugar free food items for jail1/20/2022$12.07
DHS GeneralMariana LoeraFood"Provided breakfast pastries of entire Economic Services team. "6/9/2022$11.97
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiFoodSnacks for August 25th 4-H leaders' meeting.8/25/2022$11.97
Human Resources Heidi TorresOther employee benefits"Bananas for the Pancake breakfast "6/21/2022$11.85
LandfillJesse MastenFoodDonuts for meeting8/10/2022$11.25
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFood"FLTI Food "3/14/2022$10.47
Eagle County TrailsKevin SharkeyMarketing/service studiesBike to work day6/21/2022$10.36
SheriffCarmen HatfieldOperating suppliesDuracell batteries7/23/2022$10.34
SheriffFabiola RamosFood"Eggs, lotion 4 Jail"2/13/2022$10.23
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodSupplies for Jail's kitchen6/25/2022$9.91
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodInmate food2/23/2022$9.38
Facilities ManagementTanya DahlseidFoodFM staff meeting-appreciation3/28/2022$9.38
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodFood items for jail7/29/2022$9.37
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodKitchen food6/14/2022$9.30
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellFood"Library EV charging, food for ribbon cutting event"5/23/2022$8.34
Fair & RodeoJan MillerOperating suppliesFair & Rodeo supplies7/26/2022$7.98
SheriffFabiola RamosOperating suppliesItems for Jail Kitchen4/1/2022$7.72
Emergency ManagementBirch BarronFoodFood for Red Hill Fire After Action Review8/1/2022$7.30
AssessorMary KesslerOffice supplies Distilled water for Pitney Bowes mail machine7/15/2022$5.07
Animal ServicesRandy GrayFood for AnimalsGuinea Pig Food3/17/2022$4.79
Animal ServicesShiloh LiskaFood for AnimalsFood for Guinea Pig1/11/2022$4.64
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodChilis for Detention Kitchen2/11/2022$4.48
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodFood items for jail7/27/2022$4.48
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodMilk for Jail5/13/2022$4.22
Sheriff"Sarah " KennedyFoodFood items3/14/2022$4.14
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodCabbage for inmates2/18/2022$4.02
SheriffWarren FrenchFood"Jail's Kitchen items "6/16/2022$3.92
Animal ServicesTheresa LeMaitreFood for AnimalsPet Food7/3/2022$3.57
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodKitchen supplies6/21/2022$3.44
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodCucumbers2/14/2022$2.88
Sheriff"Justin " SmithFoodEggs for Jail1/2/2022$2.60
DHS GeneralHeidi TorresOffice supplies "Vinegar for ISS Team Building "4/26/2022$1.56
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodCilantro1/28/2022$1.05
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodInmate cilantro2/25/2022$1.05
Sheriff"Sarah " KennedyFoodFood Items for Jail3/14/2022$1.03
DHS GeneralTracey BranchFood"City Market Refund for Unused items from Team Meeting "6/16/2022($15.82)