Costco Whse #0637

Transactions Posted Through August 31, 2021
SheriffAmber Mulson-BarrettFood"NNO Food "8/2/2021$1,200.74
AdministrationRhea SilverkornOperating suppliesDesks for Kelley/Mike/Angelo's office6/9/2021$536.98
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidOperating supplies"Cowboy Lounge supplies and snacks. plates, silverware, napkins and cleaning wipes"7/15/2021$519.34
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienOperating supplies5 UPS battery backups for elections and paper towels/tissue for office8/25/2021$500.00
SheriffAmber Mulson-BarrettOperating supplies"Camp 911 supplies "6/21/2021$458.34
Fair & RodeoAmanda BayOperating suppliesBar supplies for Fair & Rodeo7/22/2021$335.49
Community Prevention InitiativeBrenda LanderosOther Purchased Services"Purchase for client with CCR flex funds. "2/19/2021$333.51
SheriffClayton PowellOperating suppliesJail TV & Ice Cream3/18/2021$320.95
LandfillJesse MastenOperating supplies"kleenex, survey cams"8/26/2021$319.37
Innovation & TechnologyJake KlearmanBusiness Trips & Meetings"Food for IT dept and Clerk dept for the award meal. "7/26/2021$318.02
LandfillJesse MastenOperating supplies"paper towels, glass cleaner"8/23/2021$310.01
AdministrationRhea SilverkornFoodThis is office food and large pots for very large plants in office. I can't currently find the receipt. I'm sorry!8/2/2021$283.25
Airport Patricia HerreraEmployee Tuition and TrainingFood and Supplies for EOC Triennial Training Event5/18/2021$262.23
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodPizza for 4-H members and family to set up for County Fair7/16/2021$251.54
LandfillJesse MastenFoodOffice supplies and food for SWR/Facilities BBQ6/2/2021$244.96
Sheriff"Jon " DodsonOperating supplies"Keyboard and monitor was credited back due to tax "6/21/2021$241.63
Sheriff"Jon " DodsonOperating supplies"Monitor and key board for records desk "6/21/2021$224.98
SheriffSteven CowlesFoodInmate Food2/7/2021$218.90
Airport Patricia HerreraOperating supplies7.7.21 ARFF/SRE supplies7/7/2021$209.81
LandfillJesse MastenOffice supplies Office supplies and food for SWR/Facilities BBQ6/2/2021$190.99
DHS GeneralRita WoodsFoodDept staff meeting6/10/2021$188.22
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloFoodCrew meeting with a Thank you lunch7/14/2021$180.14
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiOperating supplies"Supplies (table, 4 chairs and broom/dustpan) for 4-H Shooting Sports Trailer"4/16/2021$158.94
Eagle County TrailsAmanda NolanFoodFood for Vail Pass Trail Clean Up6/17/2021$143.37
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Supplies for the office "7/16/2021$137.09
Sheriff"Jon " DodsonOperating supplies"Desk chair for records "7/13/2021$128.98
Eagle County TransportationJeff WetzelOperating suppliesMicrowave in Driver Break Room3/15/2021$128.87
Attorney Christina HooperOffice supplies Portable hard drives8/23/2021$128.86
Airport Jennifer FarineauOperating suppliesOffice + Operating Split 3.15.213/15/2021$125.22
SheriffTim ComroeEmployee Tuition and Training"Training snacks "8/16/2021$121.69
Open SpacePeter SunesonFoodFood for Starburst award celebration at Brush Creek Valley Ranch Open Space8/11/2021$114.44
Sustainable CommunitiesJohn GitchellFoodCounty lunch for Kalie Palmer4/14/2021$113.19
CommunicationsKris WidlakEmployee Tuition and TrainingTeam strategic planning session1/11/2021$107.96
SheriffJessie PorterOperating suppliesMedicine Cabinet Refill2/16/2021$105.72
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating supplies"Kitchen supplies "4/21/2021$103.56
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Kitchen and building supplies "3/13/2021$103.24
SheriffSteven CowlesOperating suppliesJail supplies Coffee Cups & Laundry Soap3/19/2021$95.96
SheriffDeena EzzellOperating supplies"Supplies for the office "4/26/2021$94.02
SheriffDeena EzzellOperating supplies"Office supplies plates, cups etc. "8/9/2021$89.54
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidFoodsupplies for the staff and cowboy lunch7/20/2021$85.49
SheriffJohn O'NeillOperating supplies"Detentions Supplies No Receipt "5/11/2021$85.49
Facilities ManagementBill BakerOther building materials LocationsMSC H Materials2/3/2021$84.99
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloJanitorial supplies"Papertowels, glass cleaner and coffee"5/26/2021$84.20
LandfillJesse MastenOperating supplies"cups, glass cleaner"3/14/2021$83.79
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Paper good "3/25/2021$82.64
Fair & RodeoKristin DegenhardtFoodBar Supplies7/23/2021$81.48
SheriffGregory Van WykOperating supplies"Supplies for the Jail "8/3/2021$80.54
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiOperating supplies"Split Receipt: 7300: Food for Fair (water, chips and chocolate) - $39.94 7102: Storage Tubs for the office - $27.98 7100: Cups, plates, ziplock baggies and clorox wipes: $79.84"7/16/2021$79.84
LandfillJesse MastenOperating suppliespaper towels4/19/2021$79.42
LandfillJesse MastenOperating suppliesclorox wipes2/28/2021$79.42
SheriffGregory Van WykEmployee Tuition and TrainingFood for training5/23/2021$79.26
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodSnacks & juice drinks for children activities at the MIRA Bus with the CSU Extension Intern6/15/2021$75.52
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloFood"Papertowels, glass cleaner and coffee"5/26/2021$73.98
Eagle County TransportationMaya BelbackOperating suppliesClorox wipes and other general operation supplies - no receipt5/27/2021$72.88
CommunicationsJosh StowellFoodoffice snacks3/29/2021$72.54
Airport Jodi DoneyCommercial Airline Service Development "Gate Event AA Summer ORD flight and DL ATL flight. Treats for passengers. "6/1/2021$71.22
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienOffice supplies 5 UPS battery backups for elections and paper towels/tissue for office8/25/2021$70.90
Eagle County TransportationMaya BelbackFoodFolger's Coffee and Paper towels/Facial Tissue4/8/2021$70.43
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies Kitchen and supplies for offices8/7/2021$70.40
ECATJodi DoneyOperating supplies"Drinking cups for terminal during restaurant closure "7/21/2021$69.53
Eagle County TransportationJared BarnesFoodETC Meeting Food7/26/2021$68.69
AdministrationKelley CollierFoodOffice snacks4/14/2021$68.53
Health InsuranceRhea BeacomOther Purchased Services Wellness program"Costco- Snacks for Eco/Wellness mtg- Rhea, Aryn"6/17/2021$68.03
Eagle County TransportationMaya BelbackOperating suppliesCoffee/Office Supplies2/25/2021$63.00
Open SpacePeter SunesonFoodFood and supplies for Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space award event8/12/2021$59.98
Eagle County TransportationNancy Jo KingFoodWater and snacks for drivers7/8/2021$59.40
Early HeadstartMaria ElizaldeProgram supplies"Supplies for lake creek site "5/6/2021$59.26
ECATJodi DoneyOperating supplies"no restaurant in the terminal - purchased cups for the gate area for passenger to get water "8/23/2021$57.94
LandfillJesse MastenFoodDept. lunch pizza8/26/2021$53.43
Fair & RodeoKathryn TennantFoodlunch for temp employees7/26/2021$52.27
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidFoodlunch for fair staff-pizza7/20/2021$51.40
SheriffWarren FrenchFood"Inmate meals "6/11/2021$49.17
SheriffTim ComroeFoodREID Training Snacks3/21/2021$48.30
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthOperating supplies4-H Public Fashion Revue decorations (flowers)7/12/2021$45.97
Attorney Beth Ayres OliverOffice supplies Supplies5/20/2021$45.40
PlanningKris ValdezOffice supplies Keyboard and mouse for KValdez8/23/2021$44.99
Planning"Jillian " RagallerOffice supplies Costco Office Coffee4/26/2021$44.45
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodInmate Food3/30/2021$42.75
Innovation & TechnologyAmanda BayOffice supplies Office supplies5/14/2021$42.15
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiFood"Split Receipt: 7300: Food for Fair (water, chips and chocolate) - $39.94 7102: Storage Tubs for the office - $27.98 7100: Cups, plates, ziplock baggies and clorox wipes: $79.84"7/16/2021$39.94
Road & BridgeRick EttlesFoodCrew meeting with a Thank you lunch7/15/2021$39.43
SheriffGregory Van WykOperating suppliesInmate Laundry Soap3/30/2021$38.64
Airport Jennifer FarineauFoodFood for all staff lunch5/26/2021$37.98
Airport Jennifer FarineauFoodJuly All Staff food8/4/2021$37.81
Facilities ManagementJan MillerFoodStaff Meeting8/2/2021$37.56
ECATJodi DoneyOperating supplies"Cups for drinking fountain use in the gate area. No vending available "6/16/2021$36.47
SheriffJessie PorterFoodCoffee Supplies1/19/2021$36.26
Airport Patricia HerreraFoodJune 2021 All Staff Employee Lunch6/30/2021$36.21
Clerk & RecorderLisa LoweOffice supplies Paper Towels & Kleenex for Eagle Office1/10/2021$34.35
SheriffWarren FrenchFood"Inmate meals "6/11/2021$33.92
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Kitchen supplies "7/3/2021$33.36
Vegetation ManagementDoug RigginsClothing & UniformsSafety pants5/2/2021$32.20
Eagle County TrailsJared BarnesFood"ETC Meeting Food "7/26/2021$32.06
Open SpaceTheodore JonesOperating suppliesStorage bins8/3/2021$31.47
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Supplies for office "8/22/2021$31.27
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloFoodBatteries and water for manning Cottonwood Pass7/26/2021$29.98
AssessorMary KesslerOffice supplies Paper towels5/4/2021$29.58
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodIce Cream for Drivers8/3/2021$28.82
Eagle County TrailsKevin SharkeyFoodFood for Vail Pass Clean Up6/16/2021$28.79
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiOffice supplies "Split Receipt: 7300: Food for Fair (water, chips and chocolate) - $39.94 7102: Storage Tubs for the office - $27.98 7100: Cups, plates, ziplock baggies and clorox wipes: $79.84"7/16/2021$27.98
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodFood for ECRTA meeting8/11/2021$27.92
LandfillJesse MastenOffice supplies "kleenex, survey cams"8/26/2021$27.48
Eagle County TransportationMaya BelbackOffice supplies Coffee/Office Supplies2/25/2021$26.55
SheriffAlex IacovettoOperating supplies"Floor Mats "3/31/2021$25.77
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloFoodcrew lunch3/16/2021$24.66
ECATKoltin Howard-TalbottOperating supplies"Plastic Cups for terminal water fill stations. "7/1/2021$23.06
ECG TVJosh StowellOperating suppliesoffice supplies5/3/2021$22.98
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienFoodLunch for Eagle Team Working Through2/5/2021$21.37
SheriffDan LoyaFood"Pizza for the shops team "7/8/2021$21.37
FinanceAnna EarlOperating suppliesJill's birthday cake and flowers8/15/2021$19.99
FinanceAnna EarlFoodJill's birthday cake and flowers8/15/2021$17.95
Eagle County TrailsDayana HerrFoodCookies for Trails ribbon Cutting ceremony8/16/2021$16.46
FinanceMariya TrifonovaFoodBD Cake5/3/2021$15.99
SheriffWarren FrenchFood"Inmate meals "4/21/2021$15.43
SheriffFabiola RamosFood"Inmate meals "7/22/2021$14.41
Airport Jennifer FarineauOffice supplies Office + Operating Split 3.15.213/15/2021$13.99
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodCake for Reno1/5/2021$13.99
Planning"Jillian " RagallerOffice supplies Coffee for the office3/27/2021$13.89
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloFoodCoffee Creamer8/23/2021$13.16
SheriffWarren FrenchFood"Inmate meals "7/20/2021$12.35
SheriffAaron VeldheerOperating suppliesFlowers for Amy4/7/2021$9.99
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloOperating suppliesBatteries and water for manning Cottonwood Pass7/26/2021$8.38
SheriffJennifer ParmenterFoodCoffee Creamer for Office2/17/2021$7.99
Airport Jennifer FarineauFoodOffice + Operating Split 3.15.213/15/2021$5.79
Airport Jennifer FarineauFoodIce for all staff lunch5/26/2021$2.87
Innovation & TechnologyJake KlearmanBusiness Trips & MeetingsSales tax refund from food purchase.7/26/2021($10.39)
Sheriff"Jon " DodsonOperating supplies"Monitor and keyboard was charged tax so this was refunded "6/21/2021($241.63)