Costco Whse #0637

Transactions Posted Through August 31, 2022
ECG TVJosh StowellOperating Supplies Projects ProjectsSamsung laptop for production room1/18/2022$1,299.99
Innovation & TechnologyJason CaronOperating supplies"Office Kitchen/Supplies for IT Team- 55 Monitor for Jeff Scroll and Kelle Collier's Google Meets Project. "3/30/2022$1,285.33
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating suppliesdesks and chairs for 3 staff8/11/2022$1,207.93
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating supplies"3 desks and other supplies "1/28/2022$1,001.13
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating supplies"Desks "6/29/2022$839.97
Airport Jodi DoneyEvents & Sponsorship GeneralEnd of Season Winter 2021/2022 - Tenant Appreciation BBQ3/30/2022$746.75
AdministrationKelley CollierOperating supplies"Eco transit leadership team - new desks "2/1/2022$601.42
Human Resources Heidi TorresOther employee benefits"Food for pancake breakfast "6/21/2022$561.30
Airport Wallace OliveiraOperating supplies"Batteries, paper towels, speaker for SRE"4/5/2022$350.00
Facilities ManagementJan MillerOther building materials LocationsVacuum El Jebel meeting room rentals8/1/2022$289.99
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating suppliesDesk7/2/2022$279.99
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiFood"Pizza was purchased from Costco to be served to 4-H members and volunteers that helped set up for the Rocky Mountain Oyster Fry. "3/18/2022$253.27
Community Prevention InitiativeRosa GamboaOther Purchased ServicesCCR Flex Fund Purchase - Glasses1/5/2022$244.92
SheriffReyna MedranoOperating suppliesMisc office supplies3/18/2022$244.03
DHS GeneralRita WoodsFoodStaff meeting 60 staff6/8/2022$240.37
Early HeadstartMaria ElizaldeProgram supplies"Supplies for El Jebel office and Lake Creek office "5/23/2022$225.42
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodDetentions food3/22/2022$221.04
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodFood & supplies for kitchen6/26/2022$218.80
Airport Kathryn BrynestadOffice supplies July 2022 Office Supplies Admin/ARFF + July All Staff Food7/5/2022$217.51
SheriffFabiola RamosFoodPizzas 4 inmates2/13/2022$213.73
Fair & RodeoJan MillerOperating suppliesSupplies for F & R7/25/2022$203.86
AdministrationRhea SilverkornFoodOffice snacks4/19/2022$197.16
Fair & RodeoJan MillerOperating suppliesFair & Rodeo supplies7/27/2022$195.32
SheriffReyna MedranoOperating suppliesOfc supplies & gift snacks5/12/2022$192.40
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteEmployee Tuition and TrainingParatransit Training & Housing Snacks8/8/2022$177.93
AdministrationRhea SilverkornFood"Office snacks for kitchenette "6/24/2022$174.89
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrOffice supplies "Kleenex, Coffee, Window cleaner (Supplies for VTC & MSC)"1/21/2022$171.95
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies Eagle office and staff meeting supplies6/2/2022$166.86
Airport Patricia HerreraOperating supplies"Office Supplies for Admin, Supplies for ARFF"2/24/2022$166.59
SheriffReyna MedranoOperating suppliesMisc. supplies for substations & main office8/24/2022$166.06
Sheriff"Jon " DodsonOperating supplies"Misc supplies for ofc & records "4/27/2022$165.87
SheriffReyna MedranoOperating suppliesOffice supplies6/21/2022$164.68
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodJared's Farewell Meeting8/11/2022$164.34
Eagle County TransportationTodd ClevelandOffice supplies Head lamp7/20/2022$153.96
SheriffReyna MedranoOperating suppliesOfc+kitchen supplies7/13/2022$151.28
CSU ExtensionJennifer LeonettiFoodPizza for County Fair set-up night7/22/2022$149.25
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloFoodCrew lunch meeting7/27/2022$135.78
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodCoffee for Drivers6/30/2022$134.74
Innovation & TechnologyAmanda BayFoodFood for all IT staff team building event7/18/2022$128.88
Airport Michael FrielOperating suppliesWire pantry shelving unit for ARFF.4/5/2022$128.87
Airport Kathryn BrynestadOffice supplies Office Supplies for ARFF and Airport Maintenance June 20226/2/2022$127.55
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies Veteran Client Gathering8/26/2022$117.04
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Supplies "3/31/2022$116.03
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodMasabi Training6/28/2022$115.42
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienOffice supplies "Tissues, paper towels, dish liquid, Clorox wipes, sponges, greeting cards for Eagle and El Jebel offices"1/15/2022$115.37
SheriffReyna MedranoFoodSnacks for baskets5/25/2022$114.39
SheriffReyna MedranoOperating suppliesOfc & coffee supplies6/1/2022$114.23
Sheriff"Sarah " KennedyFoodJail necessities7/6/2022$113.08
Airport Jared FresquezOperating suppliesTower lighting computer UPS emergency replacement2/11/2022$107.39
Early HeadstartIrene FigueroaEvents & Sponsorship General"Purchase food for our group social event for an estimate of 10 adults and 7 children. Purchase also included snacks for recruitment event. "4/11/2022$105.46
Eagle County TransportationJared BarnesOperating Supplies Projects Locations"Leadville Supplies "3/25/2022$104.14
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating supplies"Fans for conf rooms "4/24/2022$102.97
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodTraining food-Jail3/29/2022$100.49
LandfillJesse MastenOperating suppliespaper towels2/21/2022$96.61
FinanceMariya TrifonovaFoodOffice meetings snacks6/22/2022$94.91
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteOffice supplies "Office supplies. "4/5/2022$94.50
SheriffReyna MedranoOperating suppliesKitchen supplies5/16/2022$88.74
Eagle County TransportationJeff WetzelFoodCheers for peers Housing snacks.8/8/2022$86.97
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Supplies for 3 offices-kitchen "6/29/2022$86.92
Child Welfare ServicesHeidi TorresFood Misc. Non-employee Food"Food for Child Abuse Awareness Month, Diapers for EHS Program Supplies "4/12/2022$84.60
Early HeadstartMaria ElizaldeEvents & Sponsorship General"Food for Group Social 5-17-22 "5/16/2022$84.39
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodBoard Meeting8/10/2022$82.94
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodFLTI Graduation Food Supplies4/20/2022$81.84
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodFood for ECRTA Meeting5/11/2022$80.12
Early HeadstartMaria ElizaldeEvents & Sponsorship General"Food for Group Social "5/16/2022$79.60
Airport Patricia HerreraOffice supplies "Office Supplies for Admin, Supplies for ARFF"2/24/2022$78.97
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodIce Cream ang Coffee x Building B4/14/2022$78.96
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodFood for Jail1/27/2022$78.38
Eagle County TransportationKimber WalkerFoodWater for Drivers7/10/2022$76.68
Veteran ServicesRita WoodsFood Misc. Non-employee FoodVeteran Client Gathering8/26/2022$75.54
CommunicationsColton BerckOperating suppliesFolding table from Costco for community events.8/2/2022$75.17
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies Supplies7/29/2022$73.54
Human Resources Dayana HerrOther employee benefitsEmployee Breakfast- ECO Transit6/22/2022$71.93
Sheriff"Jon " DodsonOperating suppliesVault containers5/2/2022$69.95
Airport "Evan " SoderstromOperating supplies"Costco purchase of houskeeping items for ARFF room. (dish packs, paper towles, canned air)"1/20/2022$69.77
Airport Jodi DoneyMarketing/service studiesFlowers for VVP After Hours Event7/19/2022$66.53
Early HeadstartIrene FigueroaEvents & Sponsorship GeneralFood purchase to provide meal for families and their children for our group social event. We expect 7 adults and 4 children for the event.8/22/2022$64.86
Airport Patricia HerreraFoodFood for All Staff 3.30.223/30/2022$63.79
SheriffJessie PorterOperating suppliesNo Receipt - coffee + for ofc3/2/2022$62.79
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodFleet Lunch8/3/2022$61.95
Airport Kathryn BrynestadFoodALL Staff Meeting Lunch August 20228/30/2022$58.15
LandfillJesse MastenOperating suppliespaper towels2/21/2022$57.96
LandfillJesse MastenFoodSW&R appreciation lunch1/20/2022$55.57
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodDrivers Committee meeting Food7/6/2022$55.39
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodMeeting Food5/2/2022$52.87
DHS GeneralRita WoodsFoodStaff meeting food7/12/2022$50.76
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloFoodCheers for Peers lunch Clorox wipes1/26/2022$50.58
Facilities ManagementEric PierceOther building materials MiscStock2/3/2022$49.99
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthOperating supplies4-H Fashion Revue Flowers for decorations7/18/2022$49.97
SheriffChase ReedFoodFood for Jail8/13/2022$49.51
AssessorMary KesslerFoodStaff meeting refreshments & paper towels4/25/2022$47.93
FinanceMariya TrifonovaFoodOffice snack during Audit4/5/2022$46.85
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodEarth Day Snacks4/21/2022$46.00
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienOffice supplies Office paper towels and hand soap refill5/20/2022$45.97
ECATJared FresquezOperating suppliesreplacement LED lamps for terminal front of house lighting - 3pk of brooms for SRE- paper plates for SRE4/20/2022$44.97
Eagle County TransportationTim MinarovichFoodWater for Drivers8/3/2022$44.19
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthOffice supplies Ziplock Bags for County Fair food display7/14/2022$44.07
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodCoffee for Bldg. A6/16/2022$43.24
Early HeadstartIrene FigueroaEvents & Sponsorship General"Purchase of meal/food for our group social for families in our program. We had a total of 21 people signed up "7/20/2022$42.75
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodDrivers Committee meeting Food7/6/2022$42.75
Eagle County TransportationJared BarnesFoodFood for staff meeting.6/20/2022$42.75
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodFood for staff meetings6/21/2022$42.75
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodEmployee lunch6/23/2022$42.75
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodMeeting Pizza5/2/2022$42.75
CSU ExtensionDenyse SchrenkerFoodFood for CMG training Soils Lab2/1/2022$42.58
Airport Ryan SchoenikeOperating suppliesLight bulbs and lighters.7/25/2022$41.35
Early HeadstartHeidi TorresProgram supplies"Food for Child Abuse Awareness Month, Diapers for EHS Program Supplies "4/12/2022$39.99
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodMeeting wraps for Bldg. B5/3/2022$39.84
Facilities ManagementEric PierceOther building materials MiscStock4/26/2022$39.07
Eagle County TransportationJim EppersonOperating suppliesBus wash supplies1/7/2022$38.64
Project ManagementKristin DegenhardtOperating suppliesSupplies5/25/2022$38.64
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloFoodCoffee6/27/2022$38.10
LandfillJesse MastenFoodmonthly safety meeting food.5/14/2022$37.57
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthFoodZiplock Bags for County Fair food display7/14/2022$36.87
AssessorMary KesslerOffice supplies Staff meeting refreshments & paper towels4/25/2022$35.98
Airport "Evan " SoderstromOperating suppliesPower strips for ARFF office.7/2/2022$35.43
Airport Michael KellyOperating suppliesPropane bottle refills - 2. For End of Season Party3/31/2022$33.55
Animal ServicesNathan LehnertFoodStaff Meeting Lunch1/24/2022$33.45
SheriffWarren FrenchFoodDetentions food items2/6/2022$33.20
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating suppliesChair mat4/23/2022$32.99
Airport Jared FresquezOperating suppliesreplacement LED lamps for terminal front of house lighting - 3pk of brooms for SRE- paper plates for SRE4/20/2022$32.52
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodDriver app. day.3/18/2022$32.06
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodStaff meeting3/22/2022$32.06
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodPizza for Driver's meeting .3/24/2022$32.06
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodPizzas for Driver's meeting.3/21/2022$32.06
Airport Wallace OliveiraFood"Pizza for staff appreciation "6/21/2022$32.06
Eagle County TrailsJared BarnesFood"Meeting "7/25/2022$32.06
Sheriff"Jon " DodsonOperating suppliesItems for Evidence Vault8/2/2022$31.99
Airport Patricia HerreraFood"All Staff 4.27.22 "4/27/2022$30.88
Emergency ManagementBirch BarronFoodFood for incident response - Red Hill Fire7/19/2022$30.72
Road & BridgeNicole TrujilloJanitorial suppliesCheers for Peers lunch Clorox wipes1/26/2022$29.98
Early HeadstartIrene FigueroaEvents & Sponsorship General"Purchase of food for our group social meeting for families in our program. We had 21 people signed up for the meeting. "7/20/2022$29.84
Sheriff"Sarah " KennedyFoodFood - jail7/6/2022$29.37
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodFood for ECRTA Board meeting5/10/2022$28.59
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodJared Farewell Party8/11/2022$28.18
Eagle County TrailsJared BarnesFoodMeeting Dinner7/25/2022$28.07
Airport Jared FresquezClothing & Uniforms2 @ 3pk of LED headlamps for night work for co workers (on sale at Costco)7/13/2022$27.90
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodDriver's meeting.3/21/2022$26.61
Early HeadstartMaria ElizaldeEvents & Sponsorship General"Supplies for group social for the next months in Lake Creek "5/16/2022$24.98
Airport Jodi DoneyMarketing/service studiesPromotional treats to hand out at Gypsum Daze Booth7/15/2022$24.70
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodCake and tortillas chips4/6/2022$24.48
Coroner Kara BettisOperating suppliesBathroom rug7/1/2022$23.62
SheriffChase ReedOperating suppliesBatteries for Jail7/15/2022$22.54
Attorney Bryan TreuOffice supplies wipes and floor cleaner5/7/2022$22.53
Facilities ManagementJan MillerOther building materials MiscStock- Masks1/21/2022$21.46
Animal ServicesNathan LehnertFoodStaff meeting lunch1/24/2022$21.37
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodFood for masabi admin meeting5/18/2022$21.37
Emergency ManagementBirch BarronFoodFood for incident response - Red Hill Fire7/19/2022$21.37
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodDriver's meeting8/15/2022$21.37
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodDriver's meeting8/16/2022$21.37
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteEmployee Tuition and TrainingParatransit Training Lunch8/9/2022$21.37
Road & BridgeJohn HarrisFoodPizza for crew-Job well done8/11/2022$21.37
SheriffGregory Van WykFoodCake for Meline's last day7/5/2022$20.59
Eagle County TransportationTodd ClevelandSmall toolsHead lamp7/20/2022$19.99
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating supplies"Mat for eagle office "1/9/2022$19.99
Facilities ManagementAmanda NolanOther building materials LocationsMSC A Materials3/22/2022$19.32
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodDriver's meeting food3/24/2022$17.06
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodDayana's Birthday Flowers6/2/2022$16.99
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFood"Staff meeting. "3/22/2022$16.76
SheriffFabiola RamosOperating suppliesPlates for Detentions2/13/2022$15.99
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodEmployee Lunch6/23/2022$15.69
CSU ExtensionGlenda WentworthOperating suppliesZiplock Bags for County Fair food display7/14/2022$15.49
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteFoodFleet Lunch8/3/2022$15.34
Eagle County TransportationVanesa DuarteOperating suppliesWash Bay Supplies4/14/2022$13.89
Airport Cooper StrandOffice supplies Laundry detergent for SRE8/14/2022$13.59
Early HeadstartMaria ElizaldeProgram supplies"Wipes to clean OAE machine "3/10/2022$8.98
Eagle County TransportationDayana HerrFoodDriver app. day.3/18/2022$8.61
AssessorMary KesslerFoodStaff meeting refreshments4/25/2022$6.99
FinanceMariya TrifonovaOffice supplies Paper towel2/25/2022$2.66
Clerk & RecorderRegina O'BrienOffice supplies Refund of sales tax that was charged at checkout counter1/15/2022($7.95)
Airport Wallace OliveiraOperating suppliesTax refund4/5/2022($24.12)
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOffice supplies "Error on charges "3/31/2022($64.26)
DHS GeneralRita WoodsOperating supplies"Returned desk "2/1/2022($279.99)