Transactions Posted Through August 31, 2021
Sheriff"Sheriff's " Bill PayingOther Purchased Services"Writing services "6/29/2021$1,800.00
SheriffJessie PorterOther Purchased Services"Sheriff's Articles "5/10/2021$1,400.00
Sheriff"Sheriff's " Bill PayingOther Purchased Services"Sheriff's Articles "8/27/2021$1,150.00
SheriffJessie PorterOther Purchased ServicesPR Writing Services for Van Beek1/19/2021$1,050.00
SheriffJessie PorterOther Purchased ServicesPR Writing Services2/23/2021$1,050.00
Adult Protection Services"Danette " StarkEmployee Tuition and Training"Utilized funding from the Elder Justice Act funds to purchase registration for National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA) conference. "7/30/2021$745.30
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidRoyalty expenditureschaps for the royalty7/20/2021$740.00
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidRoyalty expendituresRodeo Queen Chaps5/11/2021$740.00
SheriffJessie PorterOther Purchased Services"Sheriff's Articles "3/31/2021$700.00
Sheriff"Sheriff's " Bill PayingOther Purchased Services"Writing services "7/29/2021$700.00
LandfillJesse MastenOperating suppliesBird barriers for landfill equipment1/8/2021$674.18
Vegetation ManagementDoug RigginsBooks and periodicalsWeed Management Assoc-Noxious Weeds of Colorado Books6/4/2021$590.00
Airport David ReidEmployee Tuition and Training"Colorado Airport Operator Association Spring Conference Registration; June 9-11, 2021"5/11/2021$390.00
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidOperating suppliesrodeo ticket stock6/21/2021$344.30
Animal ServicesNathan LehnertMemberships and DuesState Association Dues2/9/2021$200.00
Human Resources Hollis DempseyMemberships and Dues"HCHRA- Hollis Platinum Memebership "1/20/2021$150.00
SheriffRebecca S AndersonEmployee Tuition and Training"Training Registration Fee "6/15/2021$150.00
Human Resources Aryn SchlichtingEmployee Tuition and TrainingPaypal - Item: Leave in the Time of COVID: Managing Employee Leave2/1/2021$149.00
SheriffBeth DobranskyEmployee Tuition and Training"Training Registration-Redacting Records "3/16/2021$149.00
Human Resources Geri FaganEmployee Tuition and Training2021 Reasonable Accommodations under ADA- Geri Fagan1/28/2021$139.00
Human Resources Jackie HuffmanRecruiting expensesGovHR - Strategic Commun. Director5/27/2021$100.00
Child Welfare ServicesMarc ThomasEmployee Tuition and Trainingtraining for domestic violence3/4/2021$75.00
AssessorKevin CassidyBooks and periodicalsHotel Report6/9/2021$69.00
Facilities ManagementGlenn PadgettOther building materials LocationsECB Materials5/11/2021$66.00
Airport Michael KellyOperating suppliesHallway picture frames for Part-Timers5/5/2021$53.12
SheriffMatt WestenfelderMemberships and DuesNational Tactical Officer Association Membership2/8/2021$50.00
AdministrationBrandon WilliamsOperating suppliesReceipt for form publisher (app we use for eoc/airport incident reports and public health ops)5/24/2021$50.00
Airport Airport Bill PayComputer LicensesMail Merge w/Attachments add on for Google Sheets - To Email Invoices Monthly3/29/2021$39.00
Child Welfare ServicesMelissa BarbourEmployee Tuition and TrainingFee for TF-CBT training class7/9/2021$35.00
Child Welfare ServicesJessica CallahanEmployee Tuition and TrainingTFCBT Webinar training8/26/2021$35.00
CommissionersAngelo FernandezOperating suppliesFor Mail Merge Tool for BoCC Strategic Priorities.4/30/2021$19.95
Fleet MaintenanceTyler WilsonPrinted Material ServicesShop Manual4/15/2021$19.95
AssessorKevin CassidyBooks and periodicalsCredit - Hotel Report6/10/2021($66.70)
Fair & RodeoTanya DahlseidOperating suppliesshipping credit from BOCO ticket stock6/22/2021($77.83)